Amazing Sounds at the Beach or Pool

It’s summer! We love soaking up the sun with our friends, often at a pool or beach. This is always a good time! So much fun getting our vitamin D until we are too hot and then jumping in the water to cool off. But whether you are cooling off in the pool or at the beach, you need to have Amazing Sounds for you and your friends. This comes with a few obstacles but nothing we can’t beat.  You will need your device to be primarily waterproof and portable. No worries! Here’s our list of Amazing Sounds for the Beach or Pool.

My Favorites for
Amazing Sound at the Beach of Pool

The KingSom CT602 is definitely my favorite floating pool speaker. This cute little speaker has 8 color light shows including beat driven. Its amazing sound extends to 85 feet for 8 hours which will make for a great pool day with the kids. This KingSom speaker can also be submerged up to 3 feet for up to an amazingly long time of 2 hours. Combined with its year long warranty, you do not need to worry about the kids dunking this device.

My second favorite speaker is a little better for a beach situation. The INSMY C30 portable speaker is also waterproof and can float but it’s 100-foot range and 24-hours of playback make it even better for a big day at the beach. It has 360-degree speakers ensuring that your amazing sounds are heard all around you.

Lastly, the Houl Zallee E86 portable speaker is my favorite overall.  I love the old-school boombox design. Though it is not as compact as the others on my list, it has 4 dedicated speakers with a 66-foot Bluetooth range. This perfect combination of features can float but can also be submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. And no worries about missing any calls as this Houl Zallee speaker has hands-free calling built into it!

Top Amazing Sound at the Beach of Pool

KingSom CT602 Floating Speaker

Blufree "Shower" Floating Speaker

DUOTEN F013 Pro Floating Speaker

Houl Zallee E86 Portable Speaker

INSMY C30 Portable Speaker

Ortizan X10 Portable Speaker


A2DP tech and built with a 6W speaker

Excellent high-fidelity sound

8W powerful driver

2 15W full-range drivers and 2 5W tweeters

20W Driver, Louder Deeper Rich Bass

24w of stereo audio drivers


Up to 85 Feet

Up to 50Feet

Up to 66 Feet

Up to 66 Feet

Up to 100 Feet

Up to 66 Feet


IP68: 3-feet for 2 hrs 

IPX7: 3-feet for 30 min

IPX7: 3-feet for 30 min

IPX7: 3-feet for 30 min

IPX7: 3-feet for 30 min

IPX7: 3-feet for 30 min




1 Lithium Ion battery

1 Lithium Polymer battery

4400mAh Li-ion battery

1 Lithium Ion battery

Playback Time

7 hours

8 hours

8 hours

32 hours

24 hours

30 hours

Other Features

8 color changing mode | 1 year warranty

7 color changing mode | 1 year warranty | Hands-free calling

Beat-driven Light Show

Can float | Hands-free calling | 4 color options

360-degree stereo HD | Can Float

RGB Colorful Light Show

Any Cons?

Name is "Shower" but no suction cups

Not very compact

Wrapping it Up

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