Prime Days 2022

Time for the shameless plug…If you shop on Amazon as much as I do, you need the Prime Membership. Besides discounts throughout the year, you get access to the summer’s Prime Days!

I shop on Amazon constantly. I have Alexas. I have smart devices that hook up to Alexas and the kids and I cannot have a proper dance party without the music (playing from Amazon through Alexa).   So, since this membership gets me discounts on the things I would be using anyway, I’m a fan.

So what are the Prime Days? These discount days come during the summer for just two days (JULY 12-13, 2022. Put it on your calendar).  Deal could include up to 60% off devices and features. There are sales on fashion items, home cleaning devices, fitness devices, and much much more!

Besides access to these discounts, an Amazon Prime Membership will get faster delivery times, Prime Video, Prime Music, & Prime Gaming.  You will also get other discounts such as a year of free GrubHub, reduced pricing on Audibles, and Amazon Kids+.

Click Here for Amazon Prime Membership and Click Here for Amazon Prime Student.

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